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        Thank you for taking time out of your day to take a look at my website. Whether you are here looking to set an appointment, or simply just killing time by internet surfing, I appreciate your time and interest. Now let me introduce myself.... 
     My name is Mark Matthews & I am a very fortunate man in the sense that I get the luxury of doing things that I love for a living. One of those things is tattooing and it has been an active passion of mine ever since I was introduced to it at the age of seventeen. I came into tattooing the hard way, self taught, but have luckily been blessed with the opportunity to work with some really good artists along the way of my tattoo career who have motivated, inspired & helped me become a better artist as I still, to this day, heed the lessons I've learned working alongside them.
      I have been tattooing professionally for the past 14 years & have had a passion for art ever since I can remember. It is the only area of my world that has seen consistent effort from me since early childhood. Alongside tattooing, I am also proficient in the mediums of ink/watercolor, acrylic paint, pencil, prismacolor pencil, pen and ink, marker rendering & have recently started dabbling in oil paints. I am capable of many styles of tattooing & I'm always looking to have my creative limits pushed. I do my best to communicate well with my clients to insure that they are going to express through their tattoo EXACTLY what they want when they sit in my chair. So, if you are even entertaining a thought about getting a tattoo, come by and talk to me or give me a call. From small tattoos to sleeves or full back/body pieces, I'll be glad to help you make your idea a reality!
      I tattoo primarily out of Ink Couture NYC (718) 966-1600, 6264 Amboy Rd, Staten Island, NY as I have moved to East Coast to be a part of the Ink Couture Family. I am currently balancing my tattoo work around my MMA training schedule for upcoming fights as I am Fighting for a championship soon. So, the sooner in advance that you can set your appointment, the better as it will give me ample time to work your tattoo pattern. A deposit will be required, as will a consultation visit to insure that we are on the same page heading into your tattoo. 
     Keep posted on my Events page as well for info on tattoo conventions I will be attending through the year, as well as upcoming fights.
     Now that we've got the introduction, blanket statements & small talk out of the way, gimme a call or stop by the shop so we can get your tattoo project started!
     I am also open to commissioned artwork in any of the above mentioned mediums. If you are interested, feel free to email me, call or leave a message for me at  (916) 505-5711 so we can discuss the execution of your next art project!
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(916) 505-5711
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